The „Schwarze Adler“ through the ages

In the center of the town of Lienz rises the oldest inn in the town, “Zum schwarzen Adler” or also called “Alte Post”. The individual owners of this property are known until the beginning of the 17th century from the still existing purchase and takeover documents. Thus Johann Leonhard Hibler received this rarity by inheritance. From 1705 to 1755 Thomas Hibler was the owner of this property. This is one of the oldest families whose descendants still reside in Lienz today. Johann Heinrich Hibler who died in October 1753, was a host in the “Schwarze Adler”

and Lienz postmaster. Peter Anton Millmann bought the inn “Schwarzer Adler” in 1766, the property remained in the possession of this family until 1835. During this time, distinguished guests and personalities known from the Tyrolean freedom fights repeatedly stayed and dined at the “Schwarzer Adler”. The sand innkeeper Andreas Hofer, on his way through the Puster Valley, filled all the communities with reverence for his person. On April 19, 1809, many “country folk” gathered at the post office (“Schwarzer Adler”) in Lienz to see the national hero. The boys of the town – so history writes – regarded him as the savior of the fatherland.

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Landlord Josef Grubinger established the first “local” cinematograph on August 19, 1911 in the premises of the Black Eagle (“Alte Post”). In 1927 the house was sold to Filomena Lugger and the cinema was closed. Since then, until 1945, the hall was used only for theater performances. After the war, the Lugger family rebuilt the hall as an auction room. Today, this hall is used as a kitchen, storage, cold storage, laundry room and an office for the “Adlerstüberl”.

The name “Adlerstüberl” originated in 1952, when the family Hanns Jaufer (former owner of the Seehotel including Tristacher See) leased the premises of the “Schwarzer Adler” and ran it as a café – restaurant. At the beginning of 1988 the son, Johannes Jaufer, took over the “Adlerstüberl” and completely adapted and renovated it. In 2001, he founded the Adlerstüberl Betriebs GmbH with the long-time employees Walter Marischka and Hannes Krall. Due to a fire on July 24, 2017, the kitchen was totally destroyed and could not be put back into operation until the beginning of December of the same year. Since 2018, Hannes Krall has been running the “bürgerliches Gasthaus” with his long-time employees. The team strives to serve guests briskly, friendly and courteous and them in the guest premises: Schwemme – Stüberl – Café and hall with vaults and wood paneling to convey a pleasant atmosphere. The guest should feel well and come back with pleasure. From the good middle-class, traditional kitchen seasonally speciality weeks are offered.